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Transitioning Organizational Roles [Aug. 25th, 2006|04:57 pm]
Camp Trans


[Current Mood |confusedmixed]

Hi all,

Lorrraine here. I have decided to take a leadership role with yellowarmbands, which means in order to maintain the Independence of the two organizations that I need to leave the role of Camp Trans organizer. I remain on good terms with Camp Trans attendees and organizers and I hope to work with Camp Trans next year, visit Camp Trans, and maybe even camp there again.

To clarify one bit of confusion, I did not get the chance to approve Monday's Camp Trans press release before the final version got sent out.

I plan to post my own story of what happened at Festival on yellowarmbands soon.

yellowarmbands also needs to expand a bit and could use one or two additional organizers especially individuals with website design skills or media relations experience and contacts. In following the mission statement of yellowarmbands we would prefer womyn and in particular - transwomyn comfortable with visibility, fill these positions, but we welcome applications from all supportive members of the community regardless of their gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnic background or age.

yellowarmbands also has a press release in the works which probably won't get issued before Monday.

I leave Camp Trans organizing, but I don't leave Camp Trans goal of winning inclusion and welcome for Trans Womyn at Michigan Womyn's Music Festival and elsewhere. And Camp Trans has not left my heart.

Anyone interested in contacting yellowarmbands can do so by e-mail at yellowarmbands@gmail.com and anyone interested in reaching me personally can do so at forallwomyn@yahoo.com or on AIM at LorrraineAD

I give permission for anyone to pass this message along intact and post it elsewhere on or off live journal.

Thanks Y'all,